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Di‘s art draws on her intuitive creativity, inspired by nature and reflecting the uniquely Australian light and colour that have saturated her being. Just as Di’s spirit is influenced by her idyllic childhood, growing up in rural north Queensland where freedom and promise abounded, so is her design approach.

As is often the case, life detoured via work and family, yet creativity has always remained central to her core. In 2010 she reawakened her passion for painting. With extensive learning and experimentation, Di’s skills have developed in both watercolours and acrylics. Her recent work is a uniquely contemporary fusion of the two media, with her statement pieces dynamic with translucency, texture and depth.

In just over a decade of dedication to her craft, Di has earnt the recognition of a respected artist with a strong following, and is honoured to have her work held in private collections across Australia and overseas.

As cliché as it sounds, Di is passionate about life. She not only is an artist, but also a physiotherapist (which daily provides marvel and inspiration at the strength of the human spirit), an avid gardener (who loves nature and the outdoors), a happy traveller (finding inspiration wherever she goes, demonstrated by her award winning photography), and an active member of both Royal Queensland Art Society and Art West Community Gallery, where she regularly volunteers. Each facet of her being is implicit in her artistic expression.


When I paint, it’s about the now: it is exhilarating to be in the mode of creating. I typically have no plan other than putting paint to canvas and responding intuitively to what evolves. I thrive on that freedom – perhaps it’s in my nature, seeking a release after years of doing what was expected of me!

My art is my escape: there are no rules, no rights, nor wrongs.  There’s just me, the paint, and the canvas.

What to know more:

I draw on what I know: the places I’ve been, my life experiences. And I draw on my years of creative experience.
My eye for colour, design, and the aesthetically-pleasing flow freely into my colourful and personal creations.
I paint, from the soul, my love of country and nature. From that, I create unique, intuitive landscapes, florals, abstracts.

Some pieces I create are driven by a message I am burning to deliver; some are just to distract me, and you, from the woes of the world. But I create, always, with clarity and honesty to my vision.


A country girl at heart, I revel in creatively that is not restricted by boundaries. I thrive on the challenge to constantly evolve – so I never know where a piece will lead me! I adore the freedom of semi-abstract work, the ability to respond innately to paint on the canvas, which instinctively evolves into a unique and personal creation. This freedom of self-expression allows me to celebrate my loves: our unique Australian light, colour and nature.

Art for me is an experience: as so well said by American Author Thomas Merton, I love that

“…art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


1988 | University of Queensland, Bachelor of Physiotherapy
2010 – 2013 | Watercolours with Shirley Charlton
2014 | Watercolours with Maria Field
2014 | Gillian Rankin Botanical Art Classes
2015 | Introduction/Level 1 Oil Painting Marcel Desbiens
2015 | Brisbane Institute of Art Acrylic Techniques and Approaches Nameer Davis
2015 | Watercolours with Jan Lawnikanis
2016 | Watercolour workshop (WSQ) with Barry and Lucy McCann Workshop
2016 | Watercolour workshop (WSQ) with Paul Margocsy
2016 | Acrylics workshop (BPC) with Michael Cawdrey
2017 | Watercolour workshop (BPC) with John Lovett
2020 | Introduction to Encaustic with Jacqueline Archibald


2023   Art Prize - Colour and Texture, Materially Designed, RQAS Petrie Terrace
2023   Second Prize Digital Works, Members' Annual Exhibition, RQAS Petrie Terrace
2022   First Prize Digital Works, Members' Annual Exhibition, RQAS Petrie Terrace
Bluethumb Featured Artist


2023 |19 | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15         In Show Finalist Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular Gallery
2023 | 22 | 21 | 20 | 19 | 18 | 17 | 16    Art West Community Gallery exhibitions
                  @ Richard Randall Studio | Brisbane City Hall | Mt Ommaney | Kenmore | Indooroopilly Central
2023 |22 | 21 | 19 | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15   Brookfield Show Art Exhibition
2023 | 22 | 21 | 20              RQAS [Brisbane Branch] Members' Annual | Materially Designed |
                   Art of Imagination
2023                Online Gallery Finalist, Lethbridge 20 000 Small Scale Art Award
2023 | 22 | 21 | 19 | 18         Downlands Art Exhibition
2023 | 21 | 20 | 19 | 18 | 17 | 16      Petite Pieces |Regeneration Exhibition | Comforts of Home | Foot Square | Rustle @ Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
2022                Brisbane Home Show Finalist
2022                ArtBurst Kenmore Uniting Church
2022                St Sebastian’s Spring Bloom Art & Design Show
2021                Darcy Doyle Art Prize
2021                 Featured Artist Art West Gallery, Mt Ommaney
2019                Outside In, St Vincent’s Private Hospital
2019                COSSAG Finalist
2019 | 18               Toowoomba Grammar Art Show
2019 | 14               Gallery Finalist, Lethbridge 10/20 000 Small Scale Art Award
2017                 Lions Garden City Art Extravaganza @ Mt Gravatt
2016 | 15               Annual and Autumn Exhibitions - Watercolour Society of Queensland

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