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My very first ever blog post

October 2020

I'm what you call a closet artist... All my life I've been drawn to painting, creating: people say I have a flair for it.
But as with many, it is only now, in my 'later' stage of my life, that I get to play, for real.
So over the past decade, I've been coming out of the closet - and loving it!

I gather part of being an artist is writing blogs. When trying to decide what to put in my very first ever blog post, I thought 'I need to introduce Di Cox, the artist.' So then, as only an artist can, I decided an image might just 'say' it all for (about) me...

I chose this painting to sum me up. It's called: 'Just Can't Get Enough of My Summer Red!'

What do you see in this painting that might give you a sense of me?
There's a few obvious observations:
1. I love colour
2. I love nature

Then there's a few little less obvious things:
3. I love the creative process and not 'sticking to the rules'! To elaborate, I prefer to be expressive with my brushstrokes and capture the idea of something with messy texture or translucent layers, rather than precisely reproduce a 'photo' like artwork.
(4. Through deduction, this also indicates that I am also rather impatient!)

Disclaimer: I have nothing but the deepest admiration for artists who can painstakingly create an exact likeness of an image. Well done to you! (It's just not me!)

5. I have a sense of humour: this artwork is called 'Just Can't Get Enough of My Summer Red!' I am obviously referring to the variety of flowering gum...
6. I do talk a lot...

I'll stop here, so you can wait with anticipation for my second blog post ever.

Please feel free to have a squiz at my portfolio, favourite, share.... even buy.
(I so want to insert an emoji!)

Knowing that my art gives others pleasure is my driving force.

Stay safe in these crazy times...

P.S. I'm not trying to be arty-farty by saying 'ciao'... that's another hint about of 'Di Cox the artist': I am first generation Australian, born to Italian immigrants.


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